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Disable XML-RPC in WordPress

 What is XML-RPC? The XML-RPC function was originally designed to be used an intranet notification system for WordPress users. But few use it anymore due to spam. 

Now it is being used primarily as a way to remote post to WordPress from mobile. 

Some plugins and third-party applications use XML-RPC to deliver content from their servers to your site.  

Do I need WordPress XML-RPC? 

Most users don’t need WordPress XML-RPC functionality, and it’s one of the most common causes for exploits. 

Some clients such as the official WordPress Mobile Apps and Blogger use XML-RPC requests to function. 

All of the WordPress XML-RPC requests are remote POST requests to the xmlrpc.php script. 

A full list of the different requests that can be made via XML-RPC can be found at XML-RPC WordPress API  

Block WordPress xmlrpc.php requests with Disable XML-RPC Plugin 

This plugin disables XML-RPC API in WordPress 4.5+, which is enabled by default.


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