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Best 6 WordPress Header and Footer Management Plugins

The header and footer of a webpage can be overlooked easily, but they are key parts of a websites success. The header includes the first Impressions visitors have of your website and content. The footer usually contains helpful information like contact information or maps.

Using a header and footer Plugin is a good idea because they can easily organize and help users customize these areas of a website. These plugins are easy to setup and use, so everyone from WordPress beginners to more advanced users can benefit from them.

Best WordPress Header and Footer Management Plugins

1. Header Footer Script Loader Plugin

The Header and Footer Script Loader plugin from CreativeMinds is one of the best header and footer plugins available for WordPress. Created by a team of professional WordPress developers, the pro plugin provides valuable controls to create additional scripts and styles on your WordPress website.

The plugin puts you in control – decide where, when, and to which users each script will load. You can even create and display a unique header for each page of your website, or display different headers according to which type of device the website is viewed on.

How It Works

The CM Header and Footer Script loader plugin offers versatile features that make managing headers and footers simple.

The back end interface is easy to navigate, making configuration a breeze even for those who are new to the platform. The plugin provides instructions to guide you through the process, as shown below.

Once you’ve configured the settings to meet your needs, you’ll see the results on the front-end. In the screenshot below, you can see how we’ve used the plugin to easily change the alignment and colour of text on a blog post.

Benefits of the CM Header and Footer Script Loader Plugin

  • Easy Script Management. The plugin allows you to easily manage scripts across your website.
  • Improve Performance. Managing scripts in this way helps to imrpove the performance of your site.
  • Personalization. Target scripts to specific posts (or types of posts) for a personalized User Experience
  • Support and Documentation. When purchasing the plugin, you get access to expert support and a whole host of helpful documentation.
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2. My Header Footer

For the non-coders out there, this is the ultimate header/footer plugin for you. My Header Footer is an innovative WordPress plugin that allows its users to build their website’s header and footer through an easy-to-use front-end builder. Stop wasting countless hours customizing your site’s header and footer through WordPress’s complicated default method; with My Header Footer, customizing your site is fast and easy, regardless of your page builder or theme. Combined with having a huge list of customisation options – more than any other header/footer plugin – the only limit really is your imagination.

This plugin is perfect for anyone who wants a seamless experience in designing their own WordPress headers and footers. With both a free and pro version packed with additional features – Carousels, Maps, Dynamic Fields and much more. Avoid the frustration of customizing your WordPress site and instead, download My Header Footer today to find out how fun and easy designing your own WordPress webpage can be!

3. Insert Headers and Footers

The Insert Headers and Footers plugin is a simple plugin that lets users insert code directly into a header or footer. Available for free from WordPress, the plugin is compatible with most themes as well. This high rated plugin has good support options as well.

The Insert Headers and Footers plugin allows users to input any codes or scripts, including JavaScript and HTML. The plugin is simple to setup and is ideal for WordPress beginners. Users can also add custom CSS with all themes.

4. Header and Footer

The Header and Footer plugin is a good choice for putting verification codes on headers or footers. Users can add codes on top, bottom and in the middle of any post or page quickly. This option is also mobile Responsive  includes helpful Shortcodes that can be enabled easily.

The Header and Footer is offered for free from WordPress.org, and includes both recent updates and support.

5. Header and Footer Scripts

The Header and Footer Scripts plugin is a good choice for anyone who wants to add custom codes, fonts or styles to their WordPress site. This plugin integrates easily with WooCommerce, and is available for free from WordPress.

Header and Footer Scripts lets users inject CSS codes, HTML tags, and JavaScript into the header or footer directly. There are only a few options and settings, to ensure the simplicity of using the plugin.

6. AddFunc Head and Footer Code

AddFunc Head and Footer Code allows users to edit code on specific posts or throughout the entire website. The plugin is offered for free, and has top rated efficiency. This footer plugin is ideal for Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel tracking, as well as many other popular tracking services.

AddFunc Header and Footer Code is offered for free, easy to install and use and is a lightweight plugin. There is an extensive FAQ section and quick updates. The best function of this plugin would be for tracking information purposes.


In conclusion, there are many header and footer plugins on the market, and it’s important to choose one that fits your WordPress site needs. Many of these plugins are available for free and have helpful support. Others include unique features like script loading or being mobile responsive.


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