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Knowing InterWorx


Are you planning to migrate to a much efficient InterWorx panel  for your business? GOOLHOST, one of the leading hosting providers in India is the official distributor of Interworx license.

InterWorx is a Linux-based hosting control panel. The control panel provides tools for server admins to command their servers and for end-users to supervise the operations on their website. InterWorx is packed with features and bursting with options. As well as acting as a regular control panel, InterWorx license also provides its own blend of advanced options such as: high availability, clustering and many others.

The InterWorx control panel is further divided into two interfaces:

NodeWorx: This interface is used by the server administrator to manage a server. This interface gives web hosting resellers the ability to securely manage multiple SiteWorx accounts to expect the server daemons and configurations.

SiteWorx: This interface is used by the website owners to manage their website.

Features and Benefits of InterWorx.

When it comes to control panels, most control panels are resource hogs, consuming most if not all resources in certain circumstances. However, with InterWorx license, resource usage has been lowered and the control panel has been optimized to utilize fewer resources, while still maintaining speed.

InterWorx is integrated into every major billing system currently available, so you’ll never face any issues with InterWorx not working right out of the box with your current billing system. However, if you have a custom billing system, you can also easily integrate InterWorx using its advanced API.

Ensuring maximum availability is extremely important. However, it’s second that count when it comes to ensuring availability to critical websites and billing data. For this very reason, InterWorx has introduced MySQL Server Pooling, which will ensure that all MySQL services remain online even if one of the servers goes offline.

Being provided support when needed is essential in any business big or small. This is why InterWorx has a rock-solid support team and is highly rated for their fast problem solving skills. Whenever you need them, InterWorx is ready to assist you at any time of day or night.

InterWorx is a Linux-based hosting control panel, and it utilizes the RPM package system for distribution. So, it is required to have an RPM-compatible Linux distribution as the operating system. It is fully compatible with RHEL 6, RHEL 7, CentOS 6, CentOS 7.Any Virtual machine environment that supports the above-operating systems works with InterWorx.

GOOLHOST, one of the leading hosting providers in India is an official license distributor. HostDime offers both external as well as internal licenses on a very much market friendly price. Recently, cPanel has increased their price whereas HostDime enables it to change to Interworx with the same price. Not an offer, but HostDime recommends clients to opt for the package as it is found to be a better financial decision.

If you have accounts you need to move from a Linux server with another control panel to your server with InterWorx, there are several tools designed to make this process easy. GOOLHOST has extensive step-by-step resources to help clients migrate from your cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, or InterWorx server to a HostDime InterWorx server.

If you require any help with your data migration, you may contact GOOLHOST. Experts at GOOLHOST will take the hassle out of this process.


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