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How to create MYsql database user in CWP panel

 In this post, we will be discussing, How to create MySQL database users in the CWP panel…

CentOS web panel is a free web hosting panel it works very easily and smoothly with the help of this panel you can manage several services like web server, ssh service, database management, email management, billings, user management, file system management as well as DNS management, etc.

Here in this document, we will teach you how to create a database and user in MYSQL manager which is as follows-

You see in the CWP panel several options are available there than just click on SQL SERVICES  and see several options are present many databases are already named like postfix, RoundCube here you can add a user by just click on ADD USER.

After this step, you have to click on create a database by click on create the database. Please keep in your mind already have a user account or ar strong hostname. Here I already set a host domain name or user name for further steps-

Here my host domain name is Gulfam and I create a database name cloud_web

After this just click on add user for that database which you create an earlier name cloud_web 

Now click on List user you see your database user name and details which you created earlier. You did this successfully.


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