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Kerala First Transwoman Surgery Failing News

Surgery is a constant topic of discussion among the transgender community. It is not easy for the trans community to integrate into the identity they desire. Many have shared their experiences of failing surgery and falling into depression.

Earlier, the news came out that the death of a trans woman named Ananya was due to a failed surgery.Now Heidi Sadia, who is also Kerala's first trans media worker, has a similar experience to share. Heidi, who lived in the joy of becoming a woman beyond the excruciatingly painful surgery, has to share her experience of failing the surgery years later.

Heidi, who lived a happy life after the surgery seven years ago, is now in hellish pain.
Heidi says she has to endure excruciating pain even when urinating.

How many years ago was the surgery? When did you start experiencing the problems of failed surgery?

The surgery took place seven years ago. There were no such facilities in those days. Mine was done in Bangalore where the surgery was done very unscientifically. Now the place itself is closed. It was a small space under the stairs next to the bathroom. My surgery was done in that place where old furniture was piled up. Five minutes after the three-hour long surgery, I was told to leave.

Two trains are coming to Kerala with the tube in hand. The important thing was that the surgery had to be done somehow that day. And the cost was low. The doctor who operated on me is not alive today and neither is that hospital. The time after the surgery was uneventful. But recently the vaginal discharge has increased and terrible pain has started.

Proper counseling and hormonal treatment should be done before entering the surgery stage. Was it all right for Heidi?

Many are now willing to open up about the complications of surgery. But there are many who are not ready to tell. As the body condition of many people is different, the result will be different. But not everyone has to be complicated. But the condition of those who are complicated is very miserable.

There are constant news about the exploits going on in the name of surgery. But still they continue. What about the pressures you have to face in this society to change into the body you want?

We are a group that suffers mentally, physically and emotionally in all things. Still nowhere to get an equal footing. We can only get places if we put in twice as much effort as others. The distinctions begin with the rent paid for a house. I don't know what to say to those who are again exploiting a suffering society in the name of surgery.

It was revealed that the depression after the failure of the surgery was behind the suicide of a trans woman named Ananya. What kind of intervention should there be from the part of the government in the case of continuous surgical failures?

Ananya Chechi always said that she was not satisfied with the surgery and that it was a terrible pain. He used to talk about re-surgery right before he died. Death occurs while the effort continues. Surviving will be difficult because those who are not so privileged in life.

Chechi's condition was very difficult, I have seen it firsthand. My sister had told me with concern that she had to wear a pad every now and then due to vaginal discharge. I never thought the same thing would happen to me.

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